The project M&E system is founded on the project design work. The remainder of this chapter will guide you through the following three business processes1 required for high quality M&E: 1. Developing the M&E framework during project planning for inclusion in the project proposal submitted to donors. This design work provides a strong foundation for establishing a project M&E system once an award has been made. 2. Establishing the M&E system based on commitments made in the proposal regarding objectives and indicators. 3. Implementing the M&E system so that project staff can manage the project as well as document and learn from the results. High-quality projects depend on careful monitoring of activities and outcomes in order to track progress toward a positive impact on the lives of the poor and marginalized. Data collected during project implementation support project managers who make sometimes difficult operational and strategic decisions. Quality M&E is also essential to capture lessons learned in order to manage, apply, and share knowledge within your organization.

  • Initial assessment and basic studies.
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  •  Situation of IDPs and displaced persons.
  • Analysis of statistical data.
  •  Sectors (Education – Health – Food Security and Agriculture –
    Water and Sanitation.
  •  Protection of women and children.
  •  Construction and rehabilitation projects.
  •  Poverty Analysis.
  •  Cash support Projects.
  •  Review and evaluate policies and procedures of local