Globalized economy means that more people and goods travel quicker to more spaces, whilst reducing congested traffic and ensuring safety. Throughout the worlds, urban areas face a growing shortage of space, as mobility continues to increase. As a result there is a growing demand for newer, efficient transportation systems and infrastructure. Innovative methods must be continually developed ensuring that the existing infrastructure is used as efficiently as possible. MARSHALL is always robust to communicate development needs. MARSHALL plans and brings infrastructure and quality of life elements together to enhance our lifestyle revamping, neighborhoods and the environment.

  • • Roads and Highways
  • • Ports
  • • Aviation

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Project Management

MARSHALL Group provides Project Management and Construction Supervision services for all engineering and related projects.

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MARSHALL International Group provides a variety of planning services including

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Feasibility Studies

Risk and Cost Analysis, Renderings, Time Studies, Rezoning, Special Use Permits and Special Exceptions, Environmental Analysis

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Detailed Design

Building: Architectural design, Structural design, Interior design. Process: Process risk analysis, Piping design

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