Our strength is based on the long experience of the management team of qualified local and international consultants in the fields and services according to quality standards


Incorporate sustainability into your core strategy so that it’s future-proof and makes the most of the many opportunities that sustainability presents


Make your operations more environmentally and socially sustainable while boosting efficiency and addressing key risk management issues


Only 4% of companies achieve their sustainability goals. We can help you overcome barriers and organize for success

Customer Value

Sustainability presents many opportunities to develop differentiated offerings for your customers

Marshall International For Cosulting

With Quality And Development We Make A difference

Marshall  for consulting services is an expression of who we are, a symbol of what we believe in our business dealing

Marshall International for Consulting

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Management Consulting

Our management consulting services focus on our client’s critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions and sustainability across all industries and geographies.

Developmental Relief Activities

The NGOs interviewed for this study are engaged in a variety of developmental relief activities, organized here according to three broad categories of objectives:
(1) strengthening local participation, capacity, and civil society.
(2) economic and agricultural revitalization.
(3) peace-building and reconciliation

Technical Consulting

If you have concerns about productivity or efficiency, are considering a change in your supply chain or launching a new product, how can technical consultation help you? Perhaps you are considering aiming to reduce waste and improve your processes, but don’t have the time or the neutrality that a fresh set of eyes can give. You might feel change is necessary and you’re looking for a catalyst to provide the expertise and metrics that will prove it. Working with Marshall International technical consulting services will help you navigate all areas of business improvement and mitigate potential risks. With us you can plan, finance, and manage to spend while also enhancing your operations and logistics with waste-minimizing methodologies like our Lean Operations. We can also help clients protect cash, reduce risk and drive growth across their supply chain and operations, providing an accelerated roadmap to overcome short-term disruptions and build the foundation for a resilient, agile, digitally enabled supply chain. When there are many unknowns, it’s important to have a trusted partner with proven expertise in operational, management, and supply chain consulting. Marshall international began over a century ago and is today one of the largest and most recognizable testing, inspection, validation, and certification companies in the world. We have an enviable global reach and multisector knowledge, with a global network of experts and qualified Consultants in every Sector – so we know the environment you’re working in and speak the local language. We’re problem solvers with proven objectivity and our motivation is to bring you clear and defined strategies that you can deploy effectively throughout your organization.