At Marshall Group International, we make an impact that matters.

We have deep knowledge of and experience in helping organizations tackle climate change. By offering the latest modelling, tools, and insights for your business, we can help you create meaningful transformation. 

Who We Are

Marshall International for Engineering & Consulting Established on 2012, one of Marshall international Group of Companies as a private consulting company specializing in providing management, technical and (M & E) For reconstruction projects and humanitarian assistance in Yemen. Our strength is based on the long experience of the management team of qualified local and international consultants in the fields and services according to quality standards

Making an impact that matters, together

All our successes, the differences we make for our clients, our people, and in our communities around the globe, come down to our purpose: to make an impact that matters.

It is this simple statement that defines each decision, each connection, and drives us—always. To uphold integrity and promote a culture of inclusion. To build better futures.

Our Vision

Leading and excellence in providing management and technical consultancy at the Local & international Level Become the most prominent boutique management consultancies firm regionally and globally, as well as the trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and organizations that are seeking to take the next steps in their development

Our Mission

Provide monitoring and evaluation with a view to assessing the past, observe the present and planning for the future on lessons learned outcomes from projects funded and supported by international non-governmental organizations, the United Nations, and other international agencies Deliver high-end specialized management consultancies services that are fit for purpose and designed to add value to our clients and genuinely assist them in achieving their strategic objectives

Our Objective

Providing professional management and technical consulting with innovative and highlight-quality Solutions

Our Behaviors

Respect our customers - Transparency, Credibility,Accuracy, Confidence building and valuation

Marshall International Leadership

The MIG team consists of more than 30 qualified and professional employees. Plans are reviewed periodically in alignment with our corporate strategic and tactical plan process. For new business requiring an expansion of our current corporate management function, MIG has an extensive roster of experts (on-demand) as well as the flexibility of the available resources that can be expanded and reassessed as required. Training will be provided to those involved with each new project, and progress will be monitored continuously. Work requirements are continually evaluated and individual performance appraised to ensure that the objectives of the plan are achieved. Listing of employees, positions, and qualifications forming the present MIG team.